Aurash Ghashgaei

Aurash Ghashgaei

Co-Owner & Head Trainer

Born in Iran, Aurash immigrated to Canada with his family at the age of 12, where he found his passion for futbol. Despite his late start to playing the sport at the age of 13, he was able to take his futbol career to great heights.

AURASH GHASHGAEIAs a youngster, he started off training solo to further develop his skills to play varsity in middle-school and high-school. He then worked his way up to club, and provincial level. Aurash was offered a full soccer scholarship to Eastern New Mexico University after a noticeable performance which lead his team to winning a tournament in his home-town, Toronto. Regardless of the team, Aurash was always an essential part of the puzzle, leading them to city championships, league titles and winning the International Adidas Cup, to name a few.

In 2010, he took an opportunity to go to Europe for tryouts, where he ended up playing with RC Angolana in Serie D, up until a career-ending injury in 2012, at which point he moved back to Canada. After a year of recovery and rehab, he went back to playing provincial, while starting his own sports-training academy.

Aurash and Kyle are focussed on developing the youth of today through a professional and European-inspired environment, providing the players with the necessary tools they need to succeed on and off the pitch. Whether its obtaining a futbol scholarship down south, playing pro in Europe, or just improving in general, these two have fostered an environment that allows young players to succeed. Futbol Studio as a result is designed to cater to this particular niche futbol market, grooming the youth of today for a prosperous career tomorrow.

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